Where are they now?

I am often asked about the children who we followed in August To June.  They were in third and fourth grade in 2005/6.  This past June those third graders graduated high school!  While I am still waiting to hear back from Alani and Lily, I know what all the rest are up to, and it seems like a good moment to report in.  it is easy to see that most of them have chosen to attend college.  That is the short way for me to describe them, but besides what you will see below, at least half of them have been active in programs to be of service to others or to protect our environment. They are off to a good start.  

Amber Rose is attending University of Redlands Johnston Center for Integrative Studies after 2014/15 community service projects in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Ecuador and Peru.
interned at the Marine Mammal Center during her senior year. She’s now at University of California, Davis.
is attending Chatham University, majoring in biology and intending to go on to vet school.
is attending University of Georgia.
is attending University of Vermont.
was Drake High School’s Valedictorian. She’s attending University of Chicago.
is at California Polytechnic State University.
 is at University of California Santa Cruz.
spent last year at Feather River College, this year she is in Spain working as a nanny.
is at College of Marin.
is at Chapman College.
is creating his own path, with lots of traveling.
is at Oberlin College.
is doing work/study at Sivananda Yoga Retreat in the Bahamas as she pursues interests in yoga, homeopathy, and Ayurvedic and acupuncture healing.
(who we referred to as Kristin) works at the Bay Club Children’s Center.  She is saving up money to move to Santa Monica where she wants to take classes at Santa Monica Community College.
is at Hampshire College, after 2014/15 service projects in India, Ecuador, and Peru.
is at Western Washington University majoring in math and intending to teach high school math.
is at Santa Barbara City College.
is at College of Marin.
is at Sacramento Community College.
is traveling in Israel after attending Santa Rosa Junior College and working as the manager of The GreenGrocer.
is at Sarah Lawrence College.
is participating in a service program in Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia. He’ll start Western Washington University in the 2016 school year.
is at Grinnell College after community service last year in the Dominican Republic.

The film had the added benefit of allowing me to keep closer track of these young people, but I am in contact with many of the students who attended the Open Classroom, either because they are still in our community, or through the wonders of social media. With all the varied directions they have gone, the thread I find most striking is how many exhibit a strong degree of empathy, whether that is via the occupation or avocation they choose.   So often they are in the helping professions or involved in the arts, or are active in a community organization working for a better world.  They are caring parents, loving supportive friends.  I couldn’t ask for a better outcome.





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