A one hour version of AUGUST TO JUNE may be playing on a public television station near you this fall, and you can be part of why it reaches a broader audience!  There are very few ways for small independent documentaries to get broadcast.  You can be sure we have been looking for a way to get our message to a larger audience for quite a while!  The opportunity came when KRCB, a local station in California, offered to help us find national distribution. We have been taken on by the National Education Television Association (NETA).  NETA has offered our program to local public television stations.  They will be able to download it on August 24, for broadcast over the course of the fall as many times as they please.  But of course they don’t have to take up that offer, or they may program us at 2AM.  That’s where you come in!  Here is where to find the phone number for your local public television station. We hope you will call them, and tell them to upload the NETA program with the NOLA Code of AUJU 00 K1 and why you think it should be broadcast at a time when parents are likely to see it.  We’ve already heard that KOPB Plus in Oregon, KVIE in Sacramento CA, and KRCB are programming it!   We will keep you posted on our website and Facebook pages as we hear of stations planning to play the show!


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