We are not alone!

Whenever I start to despair that our voices are not being heard, something or someone comes along to revive my hopes.  Here are three recent somethings that found me.

A potentially powerful long term campaign to get the ear of the White House started by three indefatigable Florida teachers, Donna Yates Mace, Bonnie Cunnard, and Sefanie Rysdahl Fuhr:  Stop the Race To the Top asks you to contact the White House weekly at 202-456-1111 on your state’s designated day, which is listed here.  Twitter hashtag for this action is #StopRttT  The simple message they suggest: Give all students the same education your girls are getting! Abandon Race to the Top and stop privatizing public schools.

A wonderful 13 minute video produced by a consortium of parents and teachers in New York City, including one of my heroes, Ann Cook, called 180 Days Well Spent that covers all the bases about what needs to be part of every child’s school day.  Besides giving well filmed examples and having an excellent narration, I loved that it is produced bilingually, and includes Spanish speaking parents as well. It is filmed at Ella Baker School, already listed on our resource page, and The Bloomingdale Family Program which I intend to find out more about.

The next book on my listTrusting Teachers With School Success, What Happens When Teachers Call The Shots.  The book includes research gathered at Boston’s Mission Hill School, where we filmed last year, as well as ten other schools (public, independent and charter) from around the country, where teachers have a major role in many aspects of how the school is run, and independence in their classrooms.  Right up our alley, as we dive into “GOOD MORNING MISSION HILL the freedom to teach.”

So I’ll take each day as it comes, make my calls to the White House every Monday, spend time with friends, family and children who nourish me, and keep on keeping on!!


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