The Opt-Out Bus Rides Again!

Kindergarten teacher Susan DuFresne and her husband Shawn are are taking their repurposed school bus cross country, giving away books and talking about the testing juggernaut, determined to instigate change one person at a time.  This is such a creative way to inform people about the harm standardized testing is doing–and encourage the joy of reading while they are at it.

Last summer we had the good fortune to be on their route, and helped paint some slogans onto the bus.  It inspired teacher and education blogger Katie Lapham to create an opt out book cart that she plied on the streets of Brooklyn! 


I drew my little curly haired kid representing the importance of play…which allowed me to be playful as well!

If you have some funds to share with the DuFresnes to help purchase books and gas, go to



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