Support Seattle Teachers Refusal to Test!

Imagine if the entire staff of a large urban high school said NO to standardized testing. Would it be the oooomph that would get other teachers to take that risky step en masse? The teachers at Garfield High School in Seattle have taken that first step. The more people who applaud their move, the more likely it is that other school staffs will be emboldened. Sign this petition to show your support!

Then consider writing or calling José Banda, Seattle Superintendent of Schools, who sent a letter to his principals threatening disciplinary action against teachers who refuse to participate in high stakes testing.
Phone: (206) 252-0180
Fax: (206) 252-0209

Here is my letter, which you are free to use as a template!
Dear Superintendant Banda,
Instead of punishing the brave teachers in your district standing up for their convictions and the best interests of their students, you should be joining them in protesting a system that is hurting all students, those who score well, and those who score badly. Where is your sense of outrage at all the misdirected funds that you could be using to give a hand up to struggling students and enrichments to all?

Teachers and educators across America are applauding the bravery of these teachers. You could be another hero, or you can make martyrs of them, but you can’t weaken their message: it is time for people who love children and teaching to take a stand against a testing regime that is detrimental to both!



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