Support Chicagoans Boycotting the ISAT

The Chicago Teachers Union rallied on March 10 in opposition to ISAT testing. Joined by parents and students, teachers are boycotting the tests at several schools. The district is threatening teachers with loss of certification, and bullying and intimidating parents and students who have opted out or wish to opt out of the ISAT.

They need your support. Please call the Chicago Board of Education and voice your support for Chicago’s teachers, parents and students standing up for their rights. Call 773-553-1600 and tell the Board:

“I’d like to leave a message for all members of the Chicago Board of Education. I support families boycotting the ISAT and there should be no retaliation against teachers who stood up for their students on the ISAT.”

Also, if you haven’t signed this petition yet, it is not too late to do so now.


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