Stop the Race To The Top with a phone call a week!

Donna Yates Mace, Bonnie Cunard and Stefanie Rysdahl Fuhr have come up with a plan to make our voices more effective:   Starting December 21, Contact the White House weekly at 202-456-1111 on your state’s designated day!
Message:Give all students the same education your girls are getting! Abandon Race to the Top and stop privatizing public schools. (or your version thereof)MONDAY

  1. Alabama
  2.  Alaska
  3.  Arizona
  4.  Arkansas
  5.  California
  6.  Colorado
  7.  Connecticut
  8.  Delaware
  9.   Florida
  10.   Georgia

  1.   Hawaii
  2.   Idaho
  3.   Illinois
  4.   Indiana
  5.   Iowa
  6.   Kansas
  7.   Kentucky
  8.   Louisiana
  9.   Maine
  10.   Maryland


  1. Massachusetts
  2. Michigan
  3. Minnesota
  4. Mississippi
  5. Missouri
  6. Montana
  7. Nebraska
  8. Nevada
  9. New Hampshire
  10. New Jersey


  1.  New Mexico
  2.  New York
  3.  North Carolina
  4.  North Dakota
  5.  Ohio
  6.  Oklahoma
  7.  Oregon
  8.  Pennsylvania
  9.  Rhode Island
  10.  South Carolina


  1.  South Dakota
  2.  Tennessee
  3.  Texas
  4.  Utah
  5.  Vermont
  6.  Virginia
  7.  Washington
  8.  West Virginia
  9.  Wisconsin
  10.  Wyoming
  11.  Washington, D.C.

The Twitter hashtag for this action is #StopRttT

 The quote below comes from the Stop RttT Facebook page.  I have shortened it somewhat and added a few words of my own.

“What is ‘Race to the Top’?”
“RttT is an initiative from the Obama administration that allows states to extend the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) mandate that ALL children be working at grade level by the 2014. States that accepted RttT agreed (along with many other things) to evaluate teachers using student test scores as part of the evaluation and provide more charter schools as a parent ‘choice’.” Rather than encouraging innovation and meaningful teaching, RttT encourages “a decline in the quality of education in our public schools AND corporations lining up to write tests, new curriculum, and open charter school chains…as RttT provides a way for the monies designated for public education to go to the accounts of corporations that are joining the education bandwagon. Parents must speak out now! Teachers and administrators must speak out now! America must speak out now! STOP THE RACE TO THE TOP!”



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