Other Videos Related To Educating the Whole Child

Good Morning Mission Hill (also by Tom and Amy Valens) follows a year at a progressive urban public school, exploring how one school community supports creative teaching and learning for the whole child.  

A Year At Mission Hill- The jumping off point for Good Morning Mission Hill, ten short internet videos narrated by Sam Chaltain.

To Make A Difference  The first documentary Tom Valens made of the San Geronimo Open Classroom in the early 80′s!  

We All Know Why We’re Here   Follows Leslie Stein teaching second grade in Central Park East Elementary School 1, New York in 1979.  Central Park East was the first progressive public school founded by Deborah Meier.

A Year At Mission Hill debuted as an internet series in January 2013, carried and commented on by a wide range of education organizations. Google the title to find many of them.

180 Days Well Spent – spend 13 wonderful minutes at Ella Baker Public Elementary School and the Bloomingdale Family Project, both in New York City.

American Teacher a product of the Teacher Salary Project, follows several teachers finding their way in NYC public schools. 

Beyond Measure From rural Kentucky to New York City, schools that are breaking away from an outmoded, test-driven education are shaping a new vision for our classrooms.

Changing Education Paradigms A dry name, but great animation of a Sir Ken Robinson speech

Children Full of Life I cry every time I watch this.  Powerful teaching from Japan.

Collection Folders at CPE1 This half hour video gives a very full real-time experience of the day graduating 5th grade students review work they have done throughout their years at Central Park East 1, a public school in New York City.  CPE1 teacher Jose Sandin cares deeply about the place of leisure in education. His documentary, which allows us to catch the nuance in each child’s experience, reminds us of the importance of giving children time to reflect.

Lessons From the Real World

Lessons From The Real World

Race To Nowhere

School Sleuth

Schools That Change Communities

Speaking In Tongues

Teach! Teachers are Talking, Is the Nation Listening?


A Touch of Greatness

The Hobart Shakespeareans

The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting For Superman

World Peace…and other 4th Grade Achievements

Why Do These Children Love School