Schools Using The Whole Child Model

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Public Schools Using Whole Child Models

This list includes schools we know well, and schools we have not visited that identify themselves as “whole child” on their websites.  It is by no means complete, and does not indicate that the schools listed all use the same methods.  For complete lists of Public Montessori or Public Waldorf schools see their national websites listed on the Holistic Learning Approaches page.  If you know of a school we should be including or excluding, contact us!


*Anchorage: Chugash Optional Elementary School

Altadena: Odyssey Public Charter School

Camarillo: Camarillo Academy of Progressive Education

Campbell: Village School

Carmichael: Mission Avenue Open School

Chico: Hooker Oak Open Structured Classroom Program 

Chico:  Wildflower Open Classroom Public Charter School

Claremont: Sycamore Elementary

Long Beach: New City Public Charter Schools

Los Altos:  Bullis Charter School

Los Angeles: Citizens of the World Charter Schools

Los Angeles: Open Magnet Charter School

Mountain View: Stevenson Elementary PACT

Napa: Vichy k-3 Alternative Elementary Program

Palo Alto: Ohlone Elementary School

Petaluma: Mary Collins School at Cherry Valley

Redding: Chrysalis Charter School

Redwood City: Orion Alternative School

Salinas: Oasis Charter Public School

San Carlos: San Carlos Charter Learning Center

San Diego: Explorer Elementary Charter School

San Francisco: Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy

San Francisco: Rooftop Alternative School

San Francisco: Sanchez Elementary School

*San Geronimo: San Geronimo Open Classroom

San Jose: the Indigo Program

Santa Barbara: Open Alternative School

Santa Clara: Washington Open Elementary

Santa Cruz: Monarch Community School

Santa Monica: Santa Monica Alternative Schoolhouse

Saratoga: Christa McAuliffe School

Ventura: Open Classroom


Carbondale: Carbondale Community School Public Charter

Fort Collins: The Lab School

*Lakewood: Jefferson County Open School

Woody Hills: Aspen Community School Public Charter

Chicago: Namaste Public Charter School

Winnetka: Winnetka Public Schools

*Indianapolis: Key Learning Community

*Wichita:  Enders Open Magnet School

*Louisville: Breckinridge-Franklin Elementary

Louisville: Byck Waldorf Inspired Magnet School

*Boston: Mission Hill Pilot School

Cambridge: Graham and Parks Alternative School

Cambridge: King Open School

Springfield: Rebecca Johnson School

*Ann Arbor: Ann Arbor Open School

Ferndale: John F Kennedy School Open Classroom

Grand Haven: The Voyager School, Ferry Elementary  

Ypsilanti: Bishop Elementary (formerly Lincoln Multi-Age)

Northfield: Prairie Creek Community School

Minneapolis: Clara Barton Open School

Minneapolis: Marcy Open School

*St Paul: Open World Learning Community

New York
New York City: Brooklyn New School, PS 146

*New York City: Central Park East 1, PS 467

New York City: Central Park East II, PS 964

New York City: Ella Baker School

New York City: The Earth School

*New York City: Muscota New School PS 314

New York City: Neighborhood School PS 363

New York City: The New Vision School PS 69

New York City: School Of the Future

New York City: The Bronx New School

Ithaca: Lehman Alternative Community School

Mt Vernon: Lincoln Elementary

North Carolina
Davidson: Community School of Davidson

*Winston-Salem: Arts Based Elementary

Cleveland: The Intergenerational Schools

Columbus: Douglas Alternative Elementary School

Columbus: Indianola Informal K/8

Hilliard: Alton Darby Elementary

Upper Arlington: Wickliffe Progressive Elementary School

*Eugene: Corridor Alternative Elementary

Eugene: Camas Ridge Community School

Eugene: Family School

*Salt Lake City: Salt Lake City Open Classroom Charter

*Fairfax: Mantua Elementary School

Seattle: Salmon Bay School

Seattle: Thornton Creek School

Green Bay: Aldo Leopold Community School

*Madison: Open Classroom at Lincoln

Milwaukee: La Escuela Fratney

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