Now with German Subtitles!

We now have a version of August To June with French, Spanish, and German subtitles!  Huge thanks needs to go to Gabriel Pannwitz and Gabi Friedrich.   Gabriel contacted me in June of 2012.  Before he’d seen more than the website trailer he made e-books out of the  original 3 years of my blog, and posted them for us!  He ordered and showed the film to friends in Berlin, and when he found that it was difficult for them to follow the English, he volunteered to translate the transcript.  Of course we were happy to have him do so, but it is expensive to update a DVD, so we were not sure when we would be able to actually use what he gave us.   In the meantime, my former classroom aide and good friend, Gabi Friedrich offered to read over Gabriel’s translation and consider the best German idioms for some of the phrases the children use.  It has taken a year and a half, but now if you know of people who would be better served by a German, Spanish or French subtitled version, just tell them to contact us directly after they make their online order, as we have a limited number of copies with subtitles.

In case you are interested in the blog e-books Gabriel made, here are the links:
–A .zip file of the plain text version
–The plain text version
–The .mobi version ( for Amazon Kindle devices and reading applications )
–The .epub version ( compatible with lots of ebook readers that are not
kindles )


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