Is your public TV station on this list?

So far the one hour version of AUGUST TO JUNE has been programmed by stations in North Carolina, Rhode Island, Ohio, Nevada, Missouri, Alaska, Wisconsin, Indiana, Oregon, Florida and California. That still leaves 39 states to go.   I can see that lots of parts of Florida and California are not yet reached, and I can’t tell how well we cover the other states where we are programmed.  So we hope you will go to our Upcoming Screenings page, and check to see if your public tv station is listed. If not, and you have time, call them before August 24, and politely ask them to take the NETA feed of our show (NOLA Code of AUJU 00 K1) that happens at 4pm (1600) that day. Even if they don’t program it right away, if they take the feed, they can program it whenever they want.

We know that WNET, WGBH, and KQED are recording the show, but have not programmed a time to actually air it. The only spot in Florida so far is West Palm Beach…where we showed the film in 2011–maybe someone at the TV station saw it?

If you find that the show is playing near you or near folks you know, we hope you will alert them to program their DVD players etc to record it, even if the time is not good for them to watch it.  Stations seem to have ways to know how many people tune in, and the higher the number the more likely they are to play the show again.





Is your public TV station on this list? — 3 Comments

  1. “If the structure does not permit dialogue the structure must be changed.”
    ― Paulo Freire

    WOW. This film changed my life, period. As an educator and the son of an educator, I am forever deepened! Thank you for bringing these children into conversation with THEIR world so beautifully. Seen on KBDI Denver, CO from Rifle, CO on 29 Oct. 2013

    Nate Adams

  2. Thanks Nate! I’m still not used to the idea of our film floating haphazardly into people’s lives the way it does with TV broadcasts, as opposed to people who seek it out in a theater or community screening. I am so curious as to how it is being received, and honored to read that it affected you so deeply. Onwards!

  3. Thank you so much!! Your film “floated haphazardly” onto my screen thru
    PBS Think Bright out of Buffalo NY, to Southern Ontario. Wonderful to see
    your students’ joyful/total engagement. Please persist reaching out to all
    in California and Florida. For my part,will make family/friends, teacher/
    parents, with elementary school age children, aware of your marvelous work.

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