Tom was recently editing a scene where two girls confront a third about saying something mean. There are many levels present in the scene, including the social pecking order that tempted L to say the mean thing: wanting to ingratiate … Continue reading


I have been corresponding with Howard Katzoff, who has a website called Mr.Katzoff.org He reprinted there an article that was published in Newsday in April of 2008, about the exciting middle school that he taught in in the 1970′s http://mrkatzoff.org/2009/09/once-upon-a-time-in-shoreham, … Continue reading


Got another rejection letter in my effort to find funding yesterday. That makes three recently. Mostly they remind us that times are tough and there are lots of people hoping for money from shrinking pots. ITVS (the Independent Television Service, … Continue reading


Here are three quotations to think about:“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted, counts.” Albert Einstein “Measurable outcomes may be the least significant results of education.” Linda McNeil, Rice University,“…the main aim of … Continue reading


The front page of the Datebook section of the SF Chronicle today had a big article about anorexia. It reminded me of a film I have been reading about, RACE TO NOWHERE– http://www.reellinkfilms.com/ and a conversation I had recently with … Continue reading