Here are three quotations to think about:“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted, counts.” Albert Einstein “Measurable outcomes may be the least significant results of education.” Linda McNeil, Rice University,“…the main aim of … Continue reading


The front page of the Datebook section of the SF Chronicle today had a big article about anorexia. It reminded me of a film I have been reading about, RACE TO NOWHERE– and a conversation I had recently with … Continue reading


You may have noticed that the catch phrase No Child Left Behind has fallen into disrepute. When Congress remakes the legislation I am sure that will not be the title. The packaging will definitely change, but will the contents be … Continue reading


Okay, I have spent a week carefully refining the words for the website description of August To June. Each time I write about the project I get both a new appreciation for the skills involved in saying something with clarity, … Continue reading