“Adults who are respectful of children are not just modeling a skill or behavior, they are meeting the emotional needs of those children, thereby helping to create the psychological conditions for children to treat others respectfully” ~ Alfie Kohn
“Sometimes you just feel like crying and there’s no good reason at all.”
~ Makenna

Directors: Tom and Amy Valens

Producer: Tamalpais Productions

Camera:  Tom Valens

Editing: Tom Valens

Music: Tom Finch, Tom Finch Group

Sound Mix: James Lebrecht, Berkeley Sound Artists

Color Finishing: Gary Coates, Colorflow

On Line Finishing and DVD Premastering: ZAP Zoetrope Aubry Productions

Production Assistant: Diane Phillips

Editing Consultants: Irving Saraf and Allie Light, Light-Saraf Films

Fiscal Sponsor:  Center for Independent Documentary

Website Design:  Brindl Markle, Moxy Media

Menu, Package and Poster Design: Reuben Raffael, Zoltron Industries/Sticker Robot

French Translation: Keja Valens and Jean-Luc Bedat

Spanish Translation: Rosemary Sharp

German Translation: Gabriel Panwitz

MUSIC credits

Original Guitar Music by Tom Finch
“Dream Back The Bison”  by Harmony Grisman
“So Much Magnificence” music: Pachellbel’s canon in D, original music, lyrics and arrangement by Peter Makena
“Chicken Lips Lizard Hips” by John and Nancy Cassidy
“I Went to the Zoo” by Mary Ellen Pinzino
“Winter Solstice” by Christy Simpson
“Happy Birthday” music: Merry Widow Waltz by Franz Lehrer arranged by John Forster and Tom Chapin
“De Colores” and “Paz Queremos Paz”traditional Spanish language folk songs learned from Jose Luis Orozco
“Highland Gates” and “Willow Tree” traditional folksongs learned from “Down in the Valley, more great singing games for kids” New England Dancing Masters Prod.
“Chicken on a Fence Post” traditional folksong, learned from Doug Goodkin and the SF School/Northern California American Orff Schulwerk Association
Country dance live music John Pedersen and the New Blueridge Highballers


The New World Foundation’s Donor Advisory Program
The K’nex Corporation
The Freitas Foundation

Martha and Ted Allen
Nadia Al Samarrie
Ana Aranguren and Walter Kopp
Diane and Kim Aubry
Joselyn Bartlett and Tony Miksak
Terry Baum
Janice and John Baldwin
Norman Bearrentine
Janath Berry-Kadrie and Alex Kadrie,
the Carroll-Paltrineri family
Beth Cedarstrom
Lynn and Alan Charne
Susan and Buck Chavez
Howie and Dave Cort
Helen and Mac Crary
Marcy Crary-Hall and Tim Hall
Liza Crosse
Sharon and Ed Cushman
Barbara and Leo Den Ouden
Brian Dodd
Alison Double and John Wearing
Naomi and Duncan Draper
Julie Egger and Al Weiler
Sue Evans and Jim Hobart
Lynn Fratt
Gabi and Jorg Friedrich
Dante Nico and Andrea Giacomini
Adi Giroir
Phil Greene
Marcia and John Gunnarson
Sandy Handsher
Harold Hedelman
Madeline and John Hope
Muniera Kadrie and James Griffiths
Wendi Kallins
Judy Kaufman and John Pederson
Jean and Steve Kinsey
Pierrette and Albert Kohen
Arnold Langberg
Liz and David Lauter
Jan Mason
Anne McClain and Skagg Dukkers
Marty and Bud Meade
Kit Miniclier
Olga Miniclier
Judy and Jack Obedzinsky
Maureen O’Connor
Don Perl
Diane and Scott Phillips
Roberta Seifert and Mark Phillips,
Eileen Schatz and Buzz Voytovitch
Heather Shelton
Amy Sickler and Alan Trombla
Kheyala Rasa
Carol and Steve Rebscher
The Red House
Bonnie Ruder and Ron Wagner
Christopher Sabec
Cory Vangelder and Mark Wilson
Tona and David Wheeler
April Woolcott and Ted Wright
Karen Zaccaglini