AUGUST TO JUNE is an 88 minute documentary celebrating values we are on the brink of losing in the single-minded pursuit of higher test scores! Come inside a public school happily and purposefully going against current trends and join 26 8-10 year olds, their teacher, and their parents for a year bursting with opportunities for curiosity, creativity and compassion.

AUGUST TO JUNE is the first film ever to be sponsored by the California Film Institute Education Program!

“It’s one thing to deplore the assembly-line model of schooling with its emphasis on mindless compliance and rote memorization. Far more useful is to see the alternative take shape in front of you.” – Alfie Kohn, author of The Schools Our Children Deserve and other books

“…a flat out gorgeous, beautiful movie, a brilliant poem of childhoods in motion over time. Here it’s impossible to lose sight of the kids or forget them after the film stops. They have signed the air with an individual presence that honors both the film and the education they are getting.” – Jay Featherstone, author of Schools Where Children Learn and Dear Josie, emeritus faculty leader Michigan State University’s acclaimed teacher education program

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